Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Five

1. Ed had an interview today. I haven't heard from him yet and it's been 2 hours - I wonder if that's a good sign?
2. I got a client from a friend yesterday!
3. Caroline is taking a nap and Henry has shown no interest in waking her up (knock on wood).
4. Keith is spending the night at his grandparents tonight.
5. Henry is a good eater.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Am I old fashioned?

Or what? I went to Target today, and had to stop and look at the little girl clothes. I just can't help myself - I've been dealing with little boy clothes for long enough! I can't wait until Caroline can walk so she can wear some cute dresses. Crawling and dresses don't go together too well. Anyways, they had their spring/summer clothes out. And it made me realize that I must be a prude or something! They had bikinis for little babies! Like size 6 months! And shorts which wouldn't even cover Caroline's diaper! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?? I found a couple of cute things, like a pink one piece swimsuit with a ruffly skirt. And some pink jeans with a peasant shirt. But probably 90% of the clothes were just... hoochie! Little girls have to grow up fast enough - this trying to dress 6 month olds like they are fifteen is for the birds! I found it pretty easy to restrain myself and not buy anything, unfortunately. So please tell me there are still places to buy cute little girl clothes! I can't sew well enough to make all of Caroline's clothes!


I was just reading some past posts, and noticed that not even two weeks ago I mentioned that Caroline had three teeth. Want to know how my past two weeks have been? Here's a hint: Caroline now has SIX teeth. Yes, that is six. As in the same number of months old she is. As in more than I can count on one hand. As in more than any six month old NEEDS! Hopefully we'll get a bit of a break on the teething front around here now. Cross your fingers!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I was on CNN!

How funny is that? Actually, a tweet from twitter of mine was on CNN, but Don Lemon said "Amy" and was referring to *this* Amy. And my picture was on there. Just ask Keith! And what makes it even better is I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CNN. I could watch it 10 hours a day. I probably do lol.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deep thoughts from Amy

WARNING: Infant loss mentioned (in this entry and the link posted). Figured you'd want to know ahead of time.

Anyways, I read the blog little birdie, little bunny... - it's one of the blogs over there in my blog list. It's written by a mom who had planned a homebirth with her first child, birdie, who unfortunately passed away during labor. She transported during labor, had an emergency cesarean, but her baby had passed away. She just had another child, bunny, in September I believe... he's right around Caroline's age. Anyways, she just posted a couple of posts over the last couple of days which got me thinking, namely this one and this one. As you probably known, I'm a huge proponent of homebirth. Henry and Caroline were both born at home, and I truly believe that in most cases it is a safe option for healthy, low risk pregnant moms. When I first read her post, I wanted to comment, but I know that nothing I say will change her mind about homebirth. And I don't think it should be changed! I'm 99.99999% sure that if one of my children had passed away during labor at home, I'd be having any future children in a hospital. Unfortunately, not all hospitals are like the one she delivered her children in. For many women, it's not only a choice about location, it's a choice about having control. It's a choice about having what the research has shown to be best for baby in most cases - a labor which starts naturally. A labor which is not augmented with pitocin. Freedom to move around. Intermittent versus continuous fetal monitoring. A labor which is not dependent on the clock. Freedom to eat and drink during labor. In some hospitals, you can get all that, but not many hospitals, at least around here. The US has a cesarean rate of over 30%. One in three women have their babies via major abdominal surgery. No one can look me in the eye and tell me that one out of three women honestly cannot have a baby the old fashioned way. If that's so, it's a wonder the human race hasn't fallen off of the face of the planet. Anyways, I digress. It happens when I start talking about pregnancy and childbirth lol. So back to my thoughts about the posts. I kind of agree with her, to a point. I think women need to know ALL of the pros and cons of homebirth before they make a decision to have their baby at home. Usually, everything goes fine. Usually. Sometimes, it doesn't. Usually, when it doesn't go fine, there is a competent, trained midwife, like the midwife who caught Caroline and Henry, who can either deal with the problem, or knows that it is outside her scope and it is time to transport. Sometimes, there isn't. Women need to research their options, and decide what is best for them. For some, it's homebirth. For others, it's a hospital. I think my only problem with her posts is that it sounds like she's saying homebirth is never a safe option. I think what she's actually saying is that she wishes women who chose homebirth realize that things can go horribly, tragically wrong, and she's living proof. And it sounds callous when you face that reality head on and say "I know that babies die, but I'm still going to have mine at home." That sounds like you're cheapening her loss in a way. Like you want the experience more than the result. While I can't speak for everyone in the world who has a homebirth, I can speak for me. I said that. I know that babies die. I still wanted to have mine at home. I wrecked a car, in a big way, and STILL wanted to have my baby at home. When I write it out like that, it sounds really selfish. It wasn't, however. I wanted to have my baby at home because I had done all the research. I'd read everything I could get my hands on about homebirth, and hospital birth, and what could go wrong where. I knew that there was a chance, no matter how small it was, that my baby could die, but that small chance would be present at the hospital as well as home. I chose a midwife who I trust with my life, who is extremely knowledgeable, and who wouldn't hesitate to transport if it was necessary. And in the end, I felt in my heart that having my baby at home would be safer for both of us. And, I was one of the many women who had a safe, uneventful birth at home. I guess I'm lucky because of that. I don't think I could ever forgive myself if something had gone wrong and Caroline wasn't with us, but I think I'd feel that way if I had chosen a hospital birth, too. Anyways, I'm off on a tangent again. Someone said "Birth is as safe as life gets." I believe that, but I also believe that life isn't all that safe all the time. And the same goes for birth. I think I just hope that Birdie's mom understands that women who birth at home aren't doing it to be selfish, and they're not denying the fact that they could be in her shoes. They do it because they believe it's what is best for their baby. After all, isn't that what moms do? What is best for their children? I know I do, no matter how many times I joke about drugging them or duct taping them to the wall! My heart just breaks for Birdie's mom, and I wish no one, her included, would ever have to lose a child. So, if you're thinking about having a homebirth, make sure you do your research. Read her story. Read the statistics. Read about hospitals. Talk to other moms. Talk to midwives. Educate, educate, and educate yourself. And then do whatever it is that you feel is best for your child. And yes, a very pro homebirth mom is saying that! I'm the first to admit that if we all did the same thing the world would be a very boring place lol. And while I wish everyone would have a homebirth, or at the VERY least honestly consider it (I mean beyond the "oh, you can have a baby at home? huh, I didn't know that" consideration), I really think I'm on the same page as Birdie's mom when I say make an educated, informed decision.

And THAT would be Amy's random thoughts for the month. Don't expect another mega long blog post anytime soon!

Random Findings on the Web

10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History
an excerpt:
To aide the stressed 19th-century mother, a series of "soothing syrups," lozenges and powders were created, all which were carefully formulated to ensure they were safe for use by those most vulnerable members of the family. Oh, no, wait. Actually, they pumped each bottle full of as many narcotics as it could hold.

No, I'm not getting any ideas. Really, I'm not.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's in a flu shot?

It would be even funnier if it wasn't true!

Benefits of getting organized...

I got the paperwork back today - my kids are on CHIP! WOO HOO PARTY! Henry is once again free to do what it is that Henry does. I must say, I am amazed at how quickly I heard back from them, considering it is a government agency I was dealing with, and government agencies aren't really known for their speed, if you know what I mean. But I'm not complaining!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Five

1. No pudge brownie mix
2. My dad who can fix computers
3. And the laptops he gives me when he doesn't want to fix computers
4. Henry for making me laugh every day
5. savvydoula

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why you should keep important documents in a safe place

So, my purse has been missing for a week or two. It was a nice purse, too. In it was my license and my social security card (you know, the one that says don't carry in your purse? That one? Yeah.). I applied to get my kids on CHIP for health insurance since Ed is unemployed and we have no health insurance and we have a Henry, and they needed birth certificates, ID, and social security cards for the whole family.

Oh my good lord.

I am NOT organized AT ALL. So I tracked down the kids info (they've only been on the planet for a few years - I haven't had a chance to lose their stuff yet). Ed had his ID and social security card, but no birth certificate. OH, and he changed his name in 1997 and didn't have THAT piece of paper, either. So he spent the day on Friday going from the courthouse in Wilmington to the birth certificate place in Newark, back to the courthouse, and had to go back to both this AM. Got all of his info.

Then there's me. My wallet and purse have been MIA for a couple of weeks now. I kept thinking they'd show up.... yeah. They haven't. Have you EVER tried to get any type of ID when you don't have any? It's downright impossible. The DMV wanted my social security card, social security wanted my driver's license, the CHIP people wanted my birth certificate and proof of my citizenship (which, according to them, my social security card is NOT. According to social security, it IS. And my consular paper? That would be MIA.) So we got Keith on the bus, piled the little guys into the car, and headed off to Media to the DMV. I had spent the morning on the phone, and they said that I could get my license if I bring in my vehicle registration. I didn't know that a vehicle registration was any type of ID, but whatever. I get there, get in line, and wait. 45 minutes later, I'm at the front of the line, and the guy comes out and says that they can't give out licenses because the system is down. I ask if I can get just a photo ID and deal with the license later, and he says to wait for the girl at the window. Somehow she manages to get me a duplicate of my license. I don't have a clue how it worked, because the systems were still down, but I took it. Then we went to Chester to the Social Security office. Note: DON'T go to Social Security on the day after a holiday. One hour later, I got a printout with my social security number on it, and a note saying that yes, it was proof that I am a citizen, because I had proved my citizenship to them 15 years ago (I was born in France). THEN we went to the CHIP people. Somehow I managed to skip the whole long line. I wasn't going to question that, either. So I unload my pile of birth certificates, social security cards, proof of income, you name it on the lady. I told her that I didn't have my birth certificate, I had to deal with the French Embassy to get it, and I had applied for a new consular form but I wasn't going to have it by tomorrow (when they need it). She said someone would get back to me. So I get home. I fill out the paperwork for the State Department and it's ready to mail in the AM. Then I called the Embassy. I speak French, but it's a bit rusty. And, unfortunately, they told me I would have to call the town hall in the town I was born in to get a copy of my birth certificate. I called my dad to see if he would call them because his French is better than mine, and he thought that he might have a copy of my birth certificate and my consular paperwork. He called me back and he had the original of my birth certificate and a copy of my consular paper. CHIP only needs a copy, so I'm in luck!

Do you think this is a sign I should get organized?!?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bathroom Break?

Who in their right mind would think that they could take a two second bathroom break in this house? I think someone is trying to follow in Henry's footsteps!

Please note, the Spongebob bandaid on Henry's head is only a fashion statement. And what a fashion statement it is!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I did it again.

And it was a big one. I missed Caroline's birthday. Her SIX MONTH birthday. She was half a year old yesterday. AND, last night she slept through the night! My baby is growing up! She can do her military crawl thing like a champ now. She chases her brothers and the cat all over the place. And, she got her third tooth the other day, right next to the other two.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Five

1. Keith has been entertaining Caroline for the past hour.
2. Henry knows some colors. Namely blue and yellow (boo and lello), but still.
3. My dining room is mostly clean.
4. Mom's group is Wednesday so I can hang out with some friends.
5. In three hours every child in the house will be in bed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Splinter Saga

Keith got a splinter in his foot Monday morning - he was running around with his brother, we have hardwood floors... you see where I'm going with this? Anyways, Ed managed to get a HUGE chunk out of his foot Monday, and we could see that there was a little sliver left in his foot, but Keith was downright hysterical and it was pretty deep, so we thought we'd give it a little while. Had his soak his foot in Epsom salts, put some Neosporin on it... we did this a couple of times Monday, and then a couple of times Tuesday before school. Tuesday he goes to school, and the nurse called me to tell me his foot looked horrible and was infected. Um, oops. Before you give me the bad mom award, please know I have 1. a foot hangup and 2. a splinter hangup so I was trying not to look too closely at his foot. Ed and Keith were in charge of putting Neosporin on it. She suggested we take him in to the pediatrician. I call, get him an appointment that afternoon, and take him in. Oh, I forgot to mention, I don't currently have any insurance. I *could* COBRA our old insurance, but it's $1000 a month, so I'm hoping I don't have to. I have until 3/5 to decide though. Back to the story. I call my brother and beg him to take Henry for me, because the thought of taking all three kids to the pediatrician for an infected foot which you KNOW she's going to poke at was not on the top of my to do list. Oh, did I mention this was all happening in the middle of that snowstorm? Yeah. Adam was kind enought to agree to watch Henry, so I took him over there and then got Keith to the doctors. Sure enough, his foot was infected. Sure enough, she wanted to look at it. Key word there - LOOK. Not TOUCH, LOOK. Keith was NOT having it. He flipped out, screaming and crying and carrying on, the doctor was looking at me like *I* could reason with him, I'm trying to console a crying Caroline and convince Keith that SHE WAS NOT GOING TO TOUCH THE FOOT. Didn't work. So the doctor gave up, said put him on some antibiotics and come back on Thursday. At least she didn't tell me to take him to the ER where they had restraints, right? Because if she had I think I would have had a breakdown. So I pay them (cough cough seventy dollars cough cough) and load 2 out of 3 kids into the car and go get Henry. Take them all home, dump them off with Ed, and go to the pharmacy. I give the pharmacist the prescription and she says "is your insurance info the same?" and I said "no, actually, I don't have any. Can you get me the generic please?" Twenty minutes later, my debit card is smoking from the $89.99 charge at the pharmacy for a GENERIC ANTIBIOTIC. Yeah. Fast forward to today. We go back to the doctors, with all the kids this time. And Ed, because the doctor asked for two parents to be there to hold Keith down when she tried to get the rest of the splinter out. So we get in the room, I give Caroline to the receptionist, and the doctor gets the tweezers out. And, again, all hell breaks loose. The nurse comes in and gets Henry, because Keith is screaming and Henry is crying and did I mention all hell was breaking loose? Funniest part was Keith calmed down enough to catch his breath and said "Are you going to get my splinter?" when the doctor was halfway done digging around in his foot. I guess it didn't hurt as bad as he was letting on! So she pulls out about six little tiny splinters, puts the tweezers down, and looks at his foot again. Says "I really think there's more in there, squeezes it a little, and a ONE INCH SPLINTER comes out of his foot!!!! NO WONDER IT WAS INFECTED!!!! So now, all is well in the land of Keith's foot. He's got antibiotics in his system, neosporin on his foot, and no more splinters. His mom is broke, but I think it was money well spent!

Monday, February 2, 2009

This friend..

This friend is always looking out for others and so eager to help others. He is often the first to volunteer to help whenever help is needed. He cares a lot about his friends and cares about trying his best in his schoolwork. He is very polite - you can often see him holding doors for children or adults as they are leaving the building. The great thing about this friend is the pride I see in him when he helps others.

That is what Keith's teacher had to say when she presented him with his award on Friday for caring. I must say, I am VERY proud of him!!