Saturday, December 15, 2007

Watch out for lions!

Or else you might end up looking like this...

Please ignore the peanut butter mouth. He was eating when I insisted I needed to take a picture RIGHT NOW! So, Keith and Henry were at the babysitter's on Thursday. Actually, they were with the babysitter but at someone else's house, but they were happy about that because the someone else had a big ole slide in the living room. You know, THOSE cool parents. So, Keith, being a five year old boy, decided that he had to go UP the slide the wrong way. Babysitter says 'you know Keith, that's not such a good idea,' Keith looks at her like 'yeah, well, I'm 5 and I'm invincible,' and proceeds to fall off the slide somehow, land in a closet (yeah, I don't know either), and damn near poke his eye out. So the babysitter called me, as I was pulling up to work. I, caring mother I am, ask if she'd take HER kid to the ER, she says no, I talk to Keith to try, unsuccessfully, to calm him down, and tell the babysitter I'll call Ed to get him. I did care, really!!!

So Friday, I take Keith to school. He gets in line, says hi to his teacher, and she says "KEITH!!! What happened to your face???" Keith's answer?

"I was attacked by a lion."

Said with a straight face even. Gotta love the imagination.

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