Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! We're just bumming around the house today, but yesterday Grandpa got to spend a day with the boys (I guess when you're a grandpa that sounds like a lot of fun?) and mom and I went shopping leaving Ed to do whatever it is he wanted to do. I think he slept all day, but, hey, whatever. So anyways, mom and I went up to the outlets in Lancaster for a day. And went SHOPPING! If you own stock in Pottery Barn, you can just thank us now. First we went to Pottery Barn Kids where I found some adorable white and pink crib bumpers. AND, instead of being the regular outlet price of $72.99 (marked down from the regular store price of $102.00), they were just $14.99 and then an additional 30% off. So, of course, we got them. Just in case. Then we went to the regular Pottery Barn outlet. First off: rule number one: don't go to the outlets on a Saturday. Really. Especially when you're pregnant and not a crowd person. I was ready to kill someone. I need my space! But, we were there, so.... we shopped. I found a great rug for my dining room, as well as a couple of lamps which are either going to go in my dining room or my bedroom. They just need shades, depending on which room they go in. Not a great picture, but you can see a bit of the rug (it's brown) and the lamps on the table here...

Then I got some new plates, and a new shower curtain (it's brown, too, because our bathroom is, wait for it, pink and brown), and, my favorite find, two new red dressers for my bedroom!!! They wouldn't all fit in the car, so my mom is going back up today to pick up the second one. We also got a new duvet cover and shams for my room - it's going to be so cute!
Oh, and I almost forgot - Ed's Father Day gifts. He got a beer chicken cooker thingy for the barbeque (yeah, that's the technical name) and a battery operated adjustable wrench. Everyone needs a battery operated adjustable wrench, don't they?!?

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