Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thoughts from a five year old

Keith is really exciting about seeing this baby be born. He still won't let us forget that he "didn't get to see Henry come out" (because he was with my parents eating SUSHI - not a bad alternative!), and he is definitely seeing this one come out. He has turned down a trip to Wyoming with my parents, a birthday party invitation, and multiple play dates because "my mom is having a baby and I am going to be there." Dedicated, huh? So I was having some contractions the other day that wouldn't go away, so I figured while this probably WASN'T going to end up with a baby (I was right!), I should make sure every thing is sorted out in case it did. I asked Keith "if the baby comes tonight, do you want to be here or would you rather go to grandma's house?" He thought about it, and decided to stay. Why? Not just to see the baby come out, but "mom, I can't wait to see if it comes head first or feet first!" BITE YOUR TONGUE CHILD!!!!!!

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Megz said...

That's hillarious!!!