Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, Henry.

God bless that child. Really. Because of him, I need to buy stock in hair dye. So the other day he came in and said "I flush Jenga Fett down toilet." Yup, you understood that correctly - he flushed Jenga Fett down the upstairs toilet. Fortunately, Jenga Fett was just a lego and apparently went the way of the fishes just fine. So Ed and I explained to Henry that flushing toys was NOT appropriate, and Keith pitched a fit directed at Henry about how flushing his legos down the toilet was not cool. Yes, Jenga Fett was actually Keith's lego. So we made sure to keep the door shut and thought we had solved our flushing problem. Yeah. Until the other day when the toilet wouldn't flush properly. I tried twice and then told Ed about it. Toilets are NOT my department. So Ed worked on it. Nada. Wouldn't flush. So today we went out to my brother's house to get the snake to REALLY work on the toilet. Get home, Ed goes to work on it, I take ALL the kids to pick Keith up from school (I had to pick up something from his teacher). We get home, and Ed has the toilet on the front yard. I should have known that this was not a good sign and kept on driving, but I'm a glutton for punishment. We get out of the car, and Henry starts clapping and saying "I flush Jenga Fett!!" Um, yeah Henry. We got it. He also flushed one of Keith's medium sized chunky Star Wars figures. And a Weeble. A chunky Star Wars figure and a Weeble can seriously mess up a toilet, let me tell you. Fortunately, Ed was able to get them out of said toilet and get the toilet reinstalled in the upstairs bathroom. And promptly installed locks on the OUTSIDE of all bathroom doors in this house. Did I mention I need to buy stock in hair color???
OH, and then today. After the toilet excitement. Henry came into the kitchen pointing at his nose saying "bool. nose. bool. nose." I kept asking him what he was saying - "Your nose hurts? Your nose is bleeding? You want milk?? WHAT HENRY???" Henry grabs a butter knife out of the silverware drawer (yeah, that's a whole other post) and starts poking at his nose with it. I, being the caring mother I am, said "We don't stick knives up our nose, Henry" and took it away. He wandered off mumbling about bool and noses, and I didn't think anything else of it. About 1/2 hour later, Ed had to run to the store and said he'd take Henry with him. Took him out to the car, buckled him in, then came back in and said "where are the tweezers?" Yup, Henry had shoved a bool bead up his nose. A bool bead is Henryspeak for a blue bead. I am so glad Ed is handy with a pair of tweezers!
God bless Henry.


Lady said...

Oh, my.
When he's a teenager, giving you grief about how "difficult you're making his life" by enforcing curfews and stuff, you can remind him of these things. You've earned it. ;)

Staci A said...

Sounds like a rough couple of days! It's moments like this I have a bit of (hidden) thankfulness that flushing frightens my little one!