Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Business of Being Born

So, the Rising Moon Birth Fund hosted a screening of The Business of Being Born last night. I think I would say it was a success. We sold approximately 100 tickets, raised over $1000 for the birth fund, and had a great time! The movie was wonderful (of course, I missed bits and pieces because Ed came with Henry and Henry wasn't really that into the movie... gee, I wonder why? ), the Q&A session afterwards was a good discussion, and, the best part....


WHOO HOO!!!!! I just love volunteers! We also got some information about a new movie called Pregnant in America, so I emailed them to find out something about screenings. Cross your fingers! I also hear that there's pictures floating around, at least I noticed a flash every once in a while. So if I get some, I'll post them!

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