Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Over Shoulder, or Keith watches too much TV

The other day we were going somewhere with my mom, and her cell phone started ringing. Of course, it was buried in her purse somewhere, so by the time she found it it had stopped ringing. Keith piped up from the back seat "Grandma, you need an Over Shoulder. It's a purse that has a place for EVERYTHING! You can even put TWO bottles of water AND AN UMBRELLA in it! And there's a special pouch for your cell phone so you never miss a call again!" My mom looked at me and said "Do you think your son watches too much TV?" So now all we hear about is this Over Shoulder Bag, and how if you buy it right now you can get a recorder so you never forget what you went to the store for again. Oh, and it's LEATHER. Not pleather, but genuine leather. Ed and I happened to see the commercial the other day, and I was almost crying I was laughing so hard. I could just hear Keith in the background telling me about all the great Over Shoulder features.


Kristal said...

he is so cute lol

Karen said...

lol Joshua does that too, and he ask if I am over 18, and if I am I can call! Too bad he wasn't with me the other day when I saw the as seen on tv section in kohls! lol