Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pink... such a wonderful color!

So, if you know me, you know that I HATE PINK. With a passion. Never have liked it. The first house we bought, the owners before us LOVED pink. When we were looking at it, Ed and the realtor kept saying 'Look past the pink, Amy. See the potential." There was even pink wall to wall carpet in the bedroom that looked like it had come out of my great-grandmother's house. Fortunately, the owner was so in love with said ugly pink carpet that she ripped it up and took it with her. Good - save me the trouble! There was pink in the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom, you name it. Then our second house (the last one) had a pink kitchen sink. WHAT?!? Who makes pink kitchen sinks?!? We got rid of that pretty quick, too. But now, things are different. I freaking LOVE pink. It is amazing how much pink stuff has made its way into my house in the past five days, and I'm not complaining in the least! Hell, I want MORE! I think Miss Caroline is even going to have her room painted, wait for it, PINK! This is a big deal, because I'm sure sometime in my life I said that hell would freeze over before I had a pink room in my house by my own doing. It is just amazing what having a little girl will do to you. She's currently wearing a pink onesie and brown pants (thanks Regina!) and pink booties (thanks Jess!), with a whole line up of pink clothes to change into should the need arrive.

Did I mention that I LOVE pink?!?

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