Sunday, September 30, 2007

If I never see another white tag it'll be too soon...

So I spent the weekend at Nik's tagging other peoples clothes for our consignment sale next weekend. Wait, scratch that. I spent MOST of the weekend at Nik's, and the rest of it driving all over hell and back picking up donations and sale stuff. Well, to Philly, but it's a bit far and there was a Phillies game going on. So anyways. Tagging clothes. Millions of articles of clothes. And oh boy were there some interesting ones.... like this

and this

Yes, that's Nik and my husband dressed up in various finds. Notice there are no pictures of me!! Anyhoo. So, I had to get home because 1. it's my anniversary and 2. the Eagles are playing, and I don't miss my Eagles! So I left after Nik promised to come down tomorrow. Drove the hour home (the navigator was right this time!), walk in, give Ed a kiss, then turn around and see....

Yeah. To find out where it came from, read Nik's blog.

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