Monday, September 10, 2007

Rising Moon Midwifery Birth Scholarship Consignment Sale

Rising Moon Midwifery believes that all women, regardless of income status, should have access to homebirth. Until PA allows CPMs to bill all insurance companies, including Medicaid, we are developing this fund to help make that access possible. If you have other ideas for fundraisers, please let us know! Directors of the Birth Scholarship fund are Nicole Schwartz:, and Amy Borrelli:

Rising Moon Birth Scholarship Consignment Sale
Saturday and Sunday, October 6th and 7th 9am-6pm
(1/2 price Sunday afternoon!)
Presale Friday afternoon, October 5th 1pm-6pm

Location: 104 Leonards Lane, Phoenixville, PA

Clean out your closets and turn clutter into cash!!!
Do you have baby clothes, furniture, and toys piled up in your garage? How would you like to get rid of it and turn it into cash? Just bring your new or gently used items to us and we’ll do the work for you. All you do is sort and tag your items, drop them off at our designated locations, and wait for your check in the mail!
*Anyone can be a consignor, just register for a number.
*Consignors are invited to our Presale, where you get to shop the pick of the sale items before we open to the public!
*You must submit at least 20 items or a total value of $75 (this could be just 1 or 2 big items!) to shop at the presale.
*You get to set the prices.
*You make 70% of your sales.
*Checks are mailed within 2 weeks.
*There is a $5 participation fee which is deducted from your final check, so there’s nothing to pay up front (or get it waived, see Incentive below!).
*If you don’t have $5 worth of sales, there’s no charge.
*Unsold items can be picked up at the end of the sale or donated.

EXTRA INCENTIVE - Want to have that $5 participation fee waived?
Have your friends sign up too! When 2 new consignors reference your name during registration (and show up with items to sell), your consignor fee will be waived. Get out there and spread the word.
Another way to get your fee waived is to volunteer to work during the sale (setup to teardown). We'll waive the fee for ALL workers, plus you get to shop even earlier than consignors!

To register for a consignor's number, call Amy Borrelli at (610)765-1252 or email her at

Don't want to be bothered with the tagging and sorting? Feel free to donate your items so that all of the proceeds of their sale will go to the Birth Scholarship Fund, and we'll tag and sort for you! Call or email Amy for more information!
Don't want to sell, but interesting in supporting? Come to the sale, or make a donation. To make a financial donation please contact either of the Birth Scholarship Directors.

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