Sunday, September 16, 2007

OK, this is getting ridiculous!

So that washing machine? The one that we took back, got a new one, reinstalled this morning and the hot water worked? Yeah, THAT washing machine? Hahahahahahahaha. So it worked, right? Well, I brought the diapers down to wash them a few minutes ago. Turned the washer on, added the detergent, went to dump the diapers into the washer.... WAIT! WHY IS MY FOOT WET????? Look down, water is POURING out of the washer. POURING I tell ya. I can't type what Ed had to say about that because it's not suitable for non trucker ears. I say maybe the drain hose isn't attached right. Crossed my fingers. Ed dragged the washing machine BACK out (and let me tell you, it's NOT easy to get behind the machine in my little laundry room) and the water is actually pouring out from under the machine. NOT the drain hose. We just now double checked where it's coming from and yep, that would be something UNDER the machine. Would you like to know the number for Lowe's (which is busy!), because my husband has it memorized. He's currently waiting to talk to someone about the damn washing machine. I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE RED ONE!!!! If you see a blue Toyota Sequoia crazily driving down routes 1 and 202 today, stay out of it's way. Trust me.

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