Saturday, September 15, 2007

So... the washing machine....

Still only works on cold. Ed finally got in touch with someone somewhere though. He called Lowes, who told him to call their Lowe's hotline number, who told him to contact GE (yes, it's a GE washer. I'm thinking, next time, no go on the GE.). GE was only open 9-5 Monday through Friday (who the hell buys a washing machine during regular business hours???), so he finally got in touch with them the other day while at work. Yes, that means he was driving a tanker and talking to GE at the same time. Totally against DOT, but whatever. Stupid rules. So he gets in touch with GE, and they say to call Lowe's. Want to imagine his reaction to THAT advice?!? Anyways, he gets in touch with someone somewhere who says "Oh, it's a switch that's bad in the machine. BUT, it's under warranty, so you can either bring it back or schedule a service call. HOWEVER, we can't get a service tech out there for 2 weeks." Enter a whole bunch of bad words coming from Ed's mouth. So he tells me that he's unhooking the washing machine (which involves reflooding my laundry room, trust me), and taking it back to Lowe's. I ask why we can't just get a service tech to come out, because it's FREE, and he says because we NEED the washer fixed because we NEED hot water to wash diapers. Well, yeah, we do, but a few washes in cold water won't kill the diapers. So I convinced him to leave the washing machine where it was and schedule a service tech to come fix it. Which, now that I think about it, I don't think he's done. At least, if he did, he didn't tell ME about it. So maybe, someday, I'll have a working washing machine. Probably just in time for the dryer to break.

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