Sunday, April 20, 2008

I bet you didn't know how QUIET a screen door could be!

Well, Henry's definitely feeling better! Ed and I were in the kitchen getting something for lunch, Keith was watching a cartoon, and Henry was playing in the living room where Keith was. A few minutes go by and I think "man, it's awfully quiet in the other room!" I go in to check, figuring Henry has found some fun thing he shouldn't be getting into. Instead, I find Keith. Not Henry. So I look around and say "Keith, where's Henry?" Without taking his eyes off of the television, Keith says "I have no idea." Helpful, huh?!? I look in my office, then ask Ed if he's seen Henry. Then I look at the door. I asked Keith if the door was open and, of course, he had no idea. So I open the door, go out hoping Henry isn't playing in the street, and he's toddling off towards the park with some nice lady who said "is he yours?" Boy, make another mark on the crappy mom checklist lol. So, needless to say, the screen door is now always locked!

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