Saturday, May 10, 2008

The joys of a new home

Well, we've been at our new place for one week. I've unearthed the dining room table (only to hide it again with new boxes of, er, stuff), located most of the living room, and got the TV and internet installed! We got up this morning with plans to go to Home Depot to get stuff we need, like a cat door for the basement door, tiles for the backsplash in the kitchen, a few other things... Ed and I were wandering around adding to our list, and Ed got the bright idea that the ceiling in the breakfast area was sagging. Yeah. My professional opinion was 1. it looked just like it always did and 2. if there's a problem, call the landlord - that's what they are for. Unfortunately, Ed doesn't agree with my professional opinion. Oh no. Instead, he had to go pushing and poking at the ceiling. You guessed it....

So now he gets to call the landlord and tell them about the hole in the ceiling. Fun. So wish me luck today - maybe he'll start listening to me for once!

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