Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rest in Peace, Hampster

Keith's hampster (yes, its name was Hampster - we're not a creative bunch around here) passed away sometime last night (finally). He got Hampster for Easter, over two years ago. Well, he got Hampster, then Ed lost Hampster when he was cleaning its cage, so it was replaced with a look alike hampster (Hampster #2), then Hampster came back, then Hampster #1 and Hampster #2 had babies, then the babies died, then Hampster #2 died, and then we only had Hampster. And now, Hampster has died. He's buried in the big blue coffin in the back yard. Also known as the trash can. Keith's a bit bummed, but there are no plans to replace Hampster any time soon.

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