Thursday, October 16, 2008

World Series, here we come!

Bet you never thought you'd see THAT as a blog post from me. I'm not what they call a baseball fan. I'm more a football kind of girl, myself. More action, people running into each other on purpose... yeah. Baseball is kind of, I don't know, slow. But you won't believe what happened last night. I WATCHED THE GAME. Like, almost all of it. I'm still a politics girl, so I had to keep flipping back and forth to the debate, but the game won out for more time. I'm not going to start on my thoughts about the debate. Or politics. But anyways, the game. It was actually, I don't know, interesting! I couldn't switch back to the debate a few time because I was so into what was going to happen in the game! (yes, feel free to faint now, Jess. I know you want to). So, I watched the whole thing, right up until that catcher dude caught the ball and took the Phillies to the World Series. About damn time! Now, I'm crossing my fingers that they don't follow in the Eagles footsteps and can keep it together for four more games.
And, I think I love that Valentino guy. Er, whatever his name is.

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The Good Stepwitch said...

LOL! You are so fuuny! I TOLD you baseball was exciting!!! Maybe we should have a world series party!! And the player you love is named Shane Victorino!! (at least I assume that's who you mean!) He is awesome!