Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is it cold in here or is it just me?

At 5:08 this morning, my cell phone rang. Yes, you read that right. 5:08 AM. So, after Caroline and I recovered from our heart attacks (my cell phone is LOUD), I answered it to hear that school was closed. Really? REALLY?? They had to CALL me at 5:08 AM to tell me that school was closed?? WHEN THERE IS AN INCH OF ICE OUTSIDE AND PLOWS HAVE BEEN GETTING STUCK ON MY STREET???? I couldn't have figured THAT bit of news out on my own????? And did I mention that the bus comes to pick my child up at 12:12 PM? Talk about some advance notice. So anyways, I got that bit of news, hung up the phone, and tried to go back to sleep. And then I thought "man, it is COLD." The heat is turned down at night in our house, but to something like 60 degrees. So I laid in bed for a few minutes willing the heat to kick on. So at 5:30 I decided that it was REALLY cold and I should go turn the heat up. Sometimes the thermostat doesn't get the message to the heater that it needs to turn on, so I figured that was what was going on. I go downstairs, flip the light on, and look at the thermostat. 53 DEGREES. THAT IS COLD! So I pushed the button to make the heater turn on. Nothing. So I clicked the temperature setting down below 53 and then back up, thinking THAT would work. Nada. I just had an oil delivery earlier this month, so I was pretty sure we had oil. We BETTER have oil - that delivery was $$! So I open the basement door to go check on the burner and realize that SOMEONE (cough cough Henry cough cough) had flipped the emergency shutoff switch to the OFF position. Easy fix. I love Henry.
Oh, and it's 7:44am right now and it's still only 61 degrees, and the burner appears to need to take a break after being on for 2 hours straight.


Unknown said...

Good lord many, first off ugh on the phone call, those auto things have no mercy for after K'ers!
On the cold temps........ugh....gotta love Henry, he keeps you on your toes.
I'm such a FL girl, I think it's cool if we turn the heat down to 67in the winter.
Stay warm and safe.

Nicole said...

Henry, Henry, Henry....Gotta love that boy!

We came home from Puerto Rico last week to a house that was 42 degrees. No, Soph didn't flip the emergency shut off switch...some mysterious ghost turned the (electronic) thermostats down. Crazy crap. It took almost a full 24 hours to warm up. I feel your pain.