Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update on Mr. double vision...

Sorry it took me so long to post - someone went and had a baby today! If you want to know how to get someone to have a baby, be sure to schedule a whole bunch of doctor appointments that you really can't miss. That ALWAYS does it. I was on my way to appointment #2 of the day yesterday when my phone rang - it was my client saying her OB had sent her into labor and delivery and she was going to be induced. Fortunately, L&D works really slow when it comes to inductions, so I made it to Keith's appointment AND managed to get a full night of sleep in before she needed me. Baby girl was born early this afternoon! Keith's neurologist said that everything looked fine except that his eyes weren't perfectly lined up - they'd track together just fine, but one eye seemed off a tiny tiny bit. So that could be causing the double vision - she said it might be the start of near sightedness or something. He has an appointment with an eye doctor on Monday, so we'll know then if he needs glasses or something. But, all in all, he's fine! Thanks for the thoughts!!! I'll update as I learn more!

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Unknown said...

This is good news! And how nice to help with a new baby in between all the other
I'm continuing good thoughts for you Amy, and Keith.