Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Plumbing issues

Wow, what a surprise. We have more plumbing issues. First it was the bathtub - the overflow drain worked, but a bit TOO well - it drained through the foyer ceiling. Ed fixed that. Then it was the upstairs bathroom sink - it didn't drain very well. Ed fixed that, too, for a week. Then it STOPPED draining. We called a plumber. He came, fixed it, for two weeks. Then it started draining too well, too - right through the foyer ceiling. So we called the plumber again. He came, cut a hole in Keith's wall, fixed it again, and said we had a lot of plumbing issues in that little bathroom and he'd probably be back. So far, knock on wood, the upstairs bathroom has had no plumbing issues for the last two or three weeks. But the kitchen, I guess, was feeling left out. So now we have some plumbing issue in the kitchen. I actually don't even know what is wrong, because when Ed said 'honey, we have an issue' I stuck my fingers in my ears and ran away. But Keith and Henry said "WE'LL HELP!" - check it out...


Stacia said...

I'm sorry you are having so many plumbing issues Amy.
It's great that you have not one, but three plumbers taking care of things. ;-)

Satchfanswife said...

What a great looking crew of plumbers!