Saturday, November 24, 2007

How did I forget?!? Henry's one!

Yes, Keith, make a little mark in that bad mother record book you're keeping. I forgot to post about Henry's birthday. I've already upset Keith because I didn't have a birthday party for Henry - you know I've scarred him for life, right?!? So, he had a birthday a week and a half ago. Just the family - me, Ed, Keith and Henry. Grandma and grandpa had work to do, and Adam, well, Adam probably wasn't up yet. So we had steak (you know, that's Henry's FAVORITE dinner, right?!?) and I made a chocolate cake. We all sang Happy Birthday, and Henry got to have his cake.

Boy, did he enjoy it...

Then it was present time. I learned my lesson with Keith - one year olds are not impressed by the number of presents. AT ALL. So Henry got three presents - one from me & Ed, one from Keith, and a pair of pjs since it's COLD now, especially in Henry's room.

Henry opened up the presents with a little help from the big brother....

The pjs weren't exactly a hit. Big surprise there. I guess pjs for your birthday is a gift right up there with underwear for Christmas. The caterpillar Ed and I gave him was an ok hit.

However, Keith's present was the favorite by far...

Now Henry can be just like mommy and talk on the phone ALL DAY LONG! He insists on taking it to Harrington's, even though there's a no cell phone rule there. Gotta love my little rule breaker!

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