Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's my party and I'll...

mop the floor! That's right folks, it was my birthday yesterday! I'm 29. For real. Don't check with Keith though, he'll lie to you and tell you I'm older than that. Anyways, it was a good day. Henry has figured out how to talk so he's been jabbering to make up for the last 2 years. All day he'd come up and say "Mom, it's YOUR birthday?" like that was the strangest thing he had ever heard. Keith was so excited to give me my present. He kept telling me how much I'd love it, how great it was, so I had to open it first. Guess what it was... a Swiffer Wet Jet! So, and I quote, "you don't have to use a BUCKET when you mop the floor anymore, mom! You just PUSH A BUTTON!!!!" Gotta love kids - how sweet is that? Now, if it was Ed who gave me a mop for my birthday it wouldn't have been as cute. Caroline gave me a giftcard to the book store, and Henry gave me, to quote Keith again, "a box that you push a button on that wine comes out of." Gotta love Henry. I think the little guys had a bit of help from their father. AND I got a midwifery book that I've wanted for a while from my parents, AND flowers! I haven't gotten flowers since I had Keith! So we spent the day mopping the floors. I guess that's what moms do for their birthdays! Oh, and I almost forgot - a former client of mine called the day before my birthday needing to hire me - my first repeat client! So all in all it's been a good birthday!


Unknown said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday!! And we KNOW you aren't 29...close, but not 29. LOL

Unknown said...

Happy belated are 20 years younger than me.........aren't you lucky!!!!
I hope you had a great day.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.......I've missed you Amy!