Sunday, July 5, 2009

Didja miss me?

I've been busy! School got out, and all the kids have been home, and it was Ed's 40th birthday, and people have been having babies, and.... I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. So, where to start? Caroline is almost 11 months old! There's a birthday coming up pretty soon!!! She's cruising like a champ, and took her first step yesterday. I promptly knocked her down and duct taped her to the floor, so we should be good around here for a little while longer. Oh, for those of you who don't know me too well, that was a joke. I just said 'no no no Caroline!' and she sat down and hasn't taken another step. Yet. She's getting so big! Keith still loves her to death - he was taking her 'shopping' the other day...

She was having a blast, until he almost dumped her out onto her head. She wasn't a fan of that. Fortunately he caught her. How, I don't know, but I'll take it. We got new storm doors, and she loves looking through the glass at what's going on in the world. She also loves to smash her face against it and smush her nose up. It's pretty funny!

Henry's been, well, Henry. After shoving the lego through his eardrum, we were good for, oh, maybe 2 weeks. Then, he decided that he should jump off of the fort part of the swingset while holding onto the swing chain. Unfortunately he doesn't have a great grasp on the mechanics of gravity, and didn't let go of said swing chain until gravity decided maybe he should. Fortunately nothing was broken, but he managed to dislocate his shoulder. Guess where we went! That was a quick trip, too. He's talking up a storm, and will reenact the whole swingset fiasco for you if you ask. On the ground, though! We've appeared to have adopted my parents' dog, Kona, and Henry just loves her to death. He helps us feed her, takes her on walks with us, and tries his hardest to get her to play fetch with him. Unfortunately, she can't see too well, so she can't see the balls that he continues to throw for her. He gets a little irritated about that, and yells "KONA! Go get ball KONA!!!!' at her, which probably confuses her even more. So, that's what we've been up to. Keith leaves on Wednesday to go to Wyoming with my parents for six weeks, so Henry and Caroline and I will have to find something to do! I think I'm going to realize quickly just how much Keith does to help out with the little guys!

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