Friday, September 26, 2008

ER trip #4675497483

ER trip #4675497483 occurred last night. And I bet you can't guess which child was involved this time! Aww, you're right. It was Henry. Such a surprise, I know. Did you know AI DuPont has a wing named after him? At least they should. Actually, this accident wasn't REALLY his fault. He was leaning against the screen door looking at Keith playing in the backyard, and Keith decided to come in. So he pulled the door open and out tumbled Henry, who proceeded to land, face first (of course!), on the brick step. So off we went. Six hours later, we got home with the diagnosis of split lip (they don't stitch those), a broken tooth (but not broken enough to do something about) and a loose tooth (go see a dentist). Yeah. The pictures aren't that great, mostly because Henry doesn't understand the words "stand still!".

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