Thursday, September 4, 2008

I freaking LOVE naptime

And in honor of naptime, here's some music for your listening (and viewing, I guess) pleasure. I finally have Henry and Caroline going down for naps as soon as the bus picks Keith up for school. 12:13 in this house is Amy time! Woo hoo!!!


Buggsy said...

How many hours is his kindergarten if the bus picks him up at noon?

Amy Mae said...

2.5 I think. He's on the bus almost the same amount of time he's in class lol. He gets picked up at 12:12 and class starts at 12:50, and I think class gets out at 3:20 and he gets home at 4:17. Good thing he likes the bus!

Buggsy said...

that makes sense. the preschool Eric just started is 2.5 hours long.