Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Amazing Flying Henry

Man, this boy is solely responsible for all of my gray hair! Fortunately I didn't see this happen, only heard about it from Ed. I'd have more gray hair if I was actually present when it happened. Ed and the boys were out doing boy stuff in the garage. We have an automatic garage door opener on one of the doors. Anyways, Ed hit the button to open the door, and then turned around to do something. Henry, apparently, was fascinated by the door moving all by itself. So fascinated, in fact, that he grabbed hold of the door on its way up. Weighing only 22lbs, he didn't quite activate the safety mechanism and the door KEPT GOING UP WITH MY CHILD HANGING OFF OF IT!!!! Ed heard the opener struggling and turned around to check on it and there was Henry, hanging by one arm two feet off of the ground. Gray hair, I'm telling you.

I wish I was there to get a picture though!


Unknown said...

Oh my starts Amy!!! I'm sure I'd be gray too!!! Boys just have such curiousity.....gotta love it!

Buggsy said...

Eric has done that. He can hit the button to open it and then runs to the door so he can grab on. it took a good scare to stop getting him to do it!