Saturday, March 28, 2009

Since I've been slacking...

And Jane was kind enough to point out that I've missed, oh, a month worth of Friday Fives, I figure I'll do one today. I meant to post more this week, but my hard drive on my computer died. Sound familiar? Why yes, I *did* just replace a hard drive back in December. And no, it wasn't the same computer. And yes, I *did* learn my lesson in December about backing up your work so I didn't have to repeat that lesson. So my computer was in the shop and I only just got it back this morning. So, anyways.
I'm thankful that...
1. I have a working computer, again.
2. People sell used books cheap on Amazon.
3. Villanova is in the Final Four.
4. Ed took Caroline out last night so I could go to bed early. At 6:30.
5. Henry can talk!

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