Friday, March 20, 2009

Wow... how time flies!

Where have I been? It's been 2 weeks since I last posted! Oops! Caroline turned 7 months old on the 12th. She's crawling, has 7 teeth, pulls herself up on stuff. I'm taking bets as to when she starts walking. I'd post a picture but Ed has the camera. Henry started talking in sentences yesterday. That one blew me away. Up until, oh, the day before yesterday I was pretty much the only one who could understand him, and I couldn't even understand him too well. Then yesterday he came in and said "Mom I want chocolate milk. Caroline bumped me in the head." Umm... WHAT? We went from "I choc mik" to a whole sentence in less than 24 hours? Go figure! I'll take it though. I attended a birth last week, and I'm on call for a couple more. So I might disappear again - births can take a lot out of you! So that's what is going on here... pretty uneventful.


Unknown said...

Hey Amy, I miss your updates! I hope all continues to be well, your baby is growing up fast!
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Happy Friday..........a week from when you blogged...LOL.

Unknown said... are about 4 weeks behind on your Friday Five. We have to start cracking the whip around here. ; )