Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's the weekend!

I just love weekends! Keith spent the night last night with the grandparents, so we just have the little guys this morning. AND, they're both currently asleep!!! Even better, if you ask me! There is nothing like having a cup of coffee without having to keep a two year old from killing his sister. It just tastes so much better! Speaking of two year olds, Henry's 2nd birthday is on Friday (the 14th). I have NO idea what to get him - it's not like he has a laundry list of "I wants" like his older brother. My mom wants to get him an Elmo toy, seeing as Henry LOVES Elmo and sings "Elmo's World" over and over again. However, she doesn't want to get him just any old Elmo toy. Oh no. She wants him to have this Elmo toy. Wow, is all I can say. It's a serious Elmo! I asked if it would change Henry's diapers. I haven't gotten the answer to that question yet though.
In other news, we bought Ed's new car yesterday. He got a 2001 Chevy Blazer. It's pretty much the same color as my van - we've turned into the beige car family! So we're back to having two cars. Since we had to take a copy of the registration to the insurance agent (you know, with our recent car luck I wasn't driving a foot without making sure my agent knew about my latest vehicle!) we picked up the new carseats so we could drop the receipt off for the one that was in the car when it was wrecked. There's an art to carseats - I'll only buy certain brands, and when you need to have three across a backseat they can only be so wide. So we couldn't get the same ones that are in the van - they're too wide. Instead, I was able to get a brown one for Henry and, wait for it, a PINK one for Caroline! And they weren't too expensive! My little girl is going to be riding in style!
Well, I only have a few more minutes until the little guys are up and the day needs to really start. We're going to continue with the home improvement kick we're on, so I'll post pictures later! Have a good weekend!

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