Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chicken Pox, anyone??

What better present could a two year old possibly want? Certainly not Elmo, right? Good, because that's what my baby got for his birthday. Chicken Pox. Does this sound familiar to you? Yup, Keith got chicken pox for a late birthday present LAST year. Yesterday Henry was fine. Last night he had two spots on his legs, but I figured they were bug bites. This morning, a few more. And this afternoon, even more. He's got about five on his face, but the rest are on his legs mostly. See the ones on his cheeks? Fortunately he's a happy camper, and everyone at his birthday party tomorrow have had chicken pox. Granted, it's only my family and Adam's girlfriend, but still. Hopefully he'll have fun, pox and all! Playdate, anyone?!?

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Unknown said...

I hope it's a mild case Amy, and at least he doesn't seem grumpy. My kids had the vaccine, but last year, at 9, Nick got a mild case anyway. I was so surprised! It was a mess............he'd had spring break, and then ran a HIGH fever.....and I called the Ped, and they didn't believe he had pox, so rare after vaccine, I doubt he missed anohter week for the pox.
Then 4 days later........he got the flu!!! Nick has allergies, so he just picks up a lot of stuff....ugh!
I hope Henry has good spirits......and invite all the friends over to get them immunized!