Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hot water is a beautiful thing!

7:00 last night Ed decided that he was going to take the washing machine back to Lowe's. Why right then, I don't know, but hey, whatever. So he disconnects it (and DIDN'T flood my laundry room - way to go Edward!), hauls it out to the driveway, goes to my parent's house to borrow the SUV, gets it into the back of the SUV (all by himself mind you), and drives off to Lowe's. You know, trip to Lowe's #9458? Well, actually #3, but that was 2 too many in my opinion. So he gets there, gets the loading people to unload the wretched washing machine, and is going inside to get a new (same) one, when some Lowe's employee sees him, RECOGNIZES him, and says 'why are you back?'. You know it's bad when the employees want to know what you're doing there. So Ed says 'the machine doesn't work' and the employee feels bad for him. Ed describes the problem, she says 'wow, you've had the worst luck with this machine,' and Ed says 'no, it gets better. I have a ten month old in cloth diapers at home." So the dear sweet employee who thinks that my husband probably shouldn't get on an airplane with the kind of luck he has gives us a refund of 20% for all of the trips we had to make to Lowe's with the washing machine and other various appliances. Ed gets the new machine, gets it loaded (while double checking that it is, in fact, a washing machine and not, say, a black gas range), come home, unloads it to the porch, takes the SUV back to my parents, has a few martinis, comes home, and decides he'll install it this morning. Gets up, cooks breakfast (yes, I'm lucky, Ed cooks breakfast on the weekends. He also cooks dinner 5 out of 6 nights. Marry someone who likes to cook, trust me.), then installs the washing machine. Gets it all hooked up, turns the water on, calls me in to test it (he's stuck behind it), I set it to hot, turn the dial, pull it out....

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

And I thought my husband was going to have a coronary right then and there, so I *really* pulled the knob out and it started filling the washer up with hot water. And now that I've stopped laughing hysterically, I thought I'd post about it. Ed didn't think it was as funny as I did.

It was pretty funny.

So I now have a WORKING washing machine! WOO HOO!!!! I can wash clothes! And DIAPERS!! On HOT water!!!!! Oh, the excitement in a mom's life.

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