Monday, September 17, 2007

The joys of clean diapers, or, thank goodness for Whirlpool

I have a working washing machine. Yes, I'll knock on wood while I say that, but really, I've done a load of diapers, there is no water on my floor, there was hot water when they washed, the machine drained when it was done.... life is good. However, it's not a GE washing machine like the original one I picked out. After trip #4 to Lowe's, Ed said there was no way he was bringing home the exact same machine (yet different lol) because he was done with the GE. So he picked out a Whirlpool. Came home, installed it, it's a beautiful thing. I never thought I'd be excited about doing laundry, but after the week of the washing machine saga, I have to say I am. Only downside, it's not red. But I can deal!

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