Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Mushroom Festival

The 22nd Annual Mushroom Festival is over. It was a busy, busy weekend around little Kennett Square, PA - mushrooms were EVERYWHERE! There was an exhibit about how they make mushrooms (trust me, you don't REALLY want to know), a culinary exhibit with my FAVORITE Top Chef guys Ilan and Miguel (yes, I watch Top Chef religiously), an art show including 108 lb concrete painted mushrooms, and a million and one booths. Oh, and mushroom farm tours. Trust me on this one too - you don't want to know HOW they grow mushrooms, nor do you want to tour where they actually DO it. Most of our money was spent on food and rides for Keith to go on, but I did get a cute little t shirt for Henry with a monster on it (picture to follow) and some cute little mushroom notecards from Crea8tiveMama. Check her out - too too cute stuff. Anyhoo, Now our little town can return to normal. Phew.

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