Thursday, September 20, 2007


So I was thinking about mushrooms, after reading Nik's blog the other day. And I googled "mushroom capital of the world" because *I* know that that would be good old home sweet home, Kennett Square. And this is what I found...

Historic Kennett Square
yeah.... like I said. Kennett Square.

America's "Capitals of the World"
A closer look at ten of America's most interesting (self-proclaimed) "capitals of the world," including not only the mushroom capital (you guessed it - Kennett Square), but also the cow chip throwing capital of the world (ummm... okay...), the sock capital of the world, and the bratwurst capital of the world, among others.

Some discussion board about, you guessed it, Kennett Square.

And then I found this.

The Mushroom Capital of the World
From the website: "Richmond is an ever-growing community located approximately 35 miles northeast of Kansas City, Missouri along Missouri highways 10, 210 and 13. It is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World due to the abundance of morel mushrooms in the area and the popularity of mushroom hunting. To learn more about the morel mushroom check out The Great Morel Home Page (which has a great links page). Richmond is also the county seat to Ray County, with a courthouse that provides the center for a true downtown square area. It has four front doors and no back doors. In fact, the town has two main streets, Main and North Main, that run parallel along the north and south sides of the courthouse."

So, they have morel mushrooms and a neato courthouse. And that makes them the Mushroom Capital?? They should utilize Google! And dangit, we have a PAINTED WATER TOWER

that proclaims for all to see "Kennett Square, the Mushroom Capital of the World." Do you think Richmond, Missouri has that painted on their courthouse?!? I think not. Hmpf.

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