Sunday, August 17, 2008

Patience - I guess I was the only one?

So, I figured that Caroline, seeing as she taught me a LOT about patience, would have some herself. Boy, was I wrong! She is definitely stubborn (I've been saying THAT for months!), but patient, not so much. When she's hungry, she's HUNGRY. She goes from perfectly happy, staring at her brothers, checking out the sights, to STARVING in about 2.6 seconds. And God forbid that it takes me longer than, oh, ten seconds to feed her - she'll just get louder and more pissed off. And diapers? Same thing. After two previous kids we've learned that you wait a second before you change a diaper so you avoid as many surprises as possible. Caroline definitely does NOT agree. She's lucky she's so damn cute.

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Cecilia said...

LOL My second was the same way about eating, she wanted her milk NOW! As for the diapers, at least with a girl, you won't get the surprises splashed in your face!