Monday, August 18, 2008

Caroline's birth story

Well, people have been asking me for Caroline's birth story. Feel free to skip this post if you're not interested - I know everyone isn't like me!

I guess it all starts with Henry arriving at 39 weeks. Even though I KNEW that I could go past 40 weeks (Keith was born at 42 weeks), I didn't really believe it. Boy, was I wrong. So 39 weeks came and went. So did 40 weeks. And 41. AND 42. It was a long month, to say the least. A couple of days after my car accident I saw the midwife to check in. I was 6-7cm dilated, so we tried some homeopathics to get labor going. No go. They gave me some contractions, but those contractions didn't end up in a baby. So the weekend came... and went... Monday night I had contractions all night, but the didn't get any stronger or closer together. Tuesday around 10am I called the midwife, and we decided she'd come down and we'd evict this baby. If you know me you know that I'm not a fan of inductions, but sometimes the risks of staying pregnant outweigh the risks of the induction. I was pretty much at that point. Postdates, baby wasn't moving as much as I'd like, the car accident... time to have a baby. I'd probably still be pregnant if we just waited for Miss Caroline to get her act together. So I called Ed (who was working at the Jersey shore - way to stay in the area in case your wife has a baby Ed!) and my doula and told them that the midwife would be over in an hour or two and we'd be having a baby. I called my mom to get Henry, and the midwife showed up around noon. She broke my water and gave me a dose of cohosh tincture, then my mom came to get the kids. We convinced Keith to go with her to lunch and then come back, because babies take a little while to show up. He'd be fine - get some lunch, come back and see a baby be born! So the boys left around 12:30 or so, and the midwife gave me another dose of cohoshes. Two contractions later, I changed my mind about the whole having a baby thing. I called Ed and told him to hurry up and come home, and called my doula. Contractions were 2 minutes apart, lasting about a minute. The second midwife showed up around 1 and got me into the shower so I'd cope better. At 1:30 I started pushing. I only pushed a couple of times with Henry, and for 20 minutes with Keith, so after a few pushes I was done. Unfortunately baby had different ideas! I ended up pushing for about an hour. Ed and the doula showed up a little bit after I started pushing, and were HUGE helps! I hate pushing with a passion. Finally, she was born at 2:28pm - two and a half hours after the midwife showed up at my house, and less than two hours after I felt the first contraction. She was a bit slow to adjust to outside life (is THAT a surprise? Why do I think my Caroline is going to be consistently late in life?!?), but after a bit of oxygen she was fine. My doula told me it was a girl, and I didn't believe it until I saw her. I still don't really believe it! Ed called Keith to apologize for him missing the birth, but it was all made better when he was told that he had a baby sister. He dropped the phone and Ed heard him say "I finally got what I wanted!" Mom and dad brought the boys right over to meet their sister, and they've been over the moon with her since.

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Stacia said...

What an amazing birth!
I was wrong on so many levels with my bets.
I said you'd have a boy and I said he would just "fall out." Ha!
You did it Amy and I'm so glad she's such a good girl. :-)