Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Or maybe the title of this post should be "Why Santa will NOT be coming to this house if some kids don't straighten up." Keith is in a funk today - the tiniest things set him off and he ends up crying about them for 20 minutes. THAT means that he's going to be sick. I'll bet $5 that he's home from school tomorrow. Hell, make that $10. Anyways, one of the things setting him off is Henry. Yeah - big surprise there. Henry is running around yelling, which makes Keith cry because "he's too loud," which makes Henry yell louder. See the evil circle? I'd tell him to stop but I'm hiding in my office. Fun times.


Unknown said...

UGH, I have had those days!! Hang in there, and I hopoe Keith isn't getting sick.
Henry is a hoot!

Megz said...

Hiding in your office...HAHAHA!