Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Whine

So, for a few weeks now I've been thinking of adding a Wednesday Whine to my blog. I'm kind of tired of always being chipper and looking on the bright side, and while I have a lot to be thankful for I still have one or two things to bitch about. So, my rules are simple. Only three things are allowed on the Wednesday Whine. And it can only be posted on, well, Wednesday. And man, if there wasn't a better day to start than today! So here goes...
I'm whiny because...
1. Every time during the past week or two that I've needed to go out to my office it's been either freezing, raining, or snowing.
2. I'm kind of sick of the emergency room. Especially when it starts off with "Name? Henry."
3. Ed was laid off. I know - LAST week I was thankful that he was going to be getting overtime... I don't know WHERE exactly overtime is synonymous with unemployment, but hey, you learn something new all the time, huh?
So, that's it. Now I'll be back to my chipper self, until next Wednesday.


Unknown said...

Amy, at times I feel like I whine more than I'm chipper, so you are way ahead of me!
I'm sorry about your dh's job.........ugh!
I'll play your meme though, and whine with you today.

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy, Christmassy is a word for goodness sakes!
BTW, it's the only thing festive, our tree isn't even up yet, no outside decorations....I didn't put it on the whine list, but it's been another issue with my man and me...I still love him even if he is too busy