Monday, December 29, 2008


I was going to post about our Christmas (it was great!), but I haven't had a chance to. And then, tonight, I had something happen that I just HAD to post about. Keith went to bed around 8 tonight, and then at 8:30 or so he was back downstairs. I was talking to him about how he had to go back to bed, and he said "hey, mom, my tooth is loose!" And don't you know, it is. And then, upon further inspection, we find out he has a grown up tooth behind said loose tooth! My baby boy is growing up faster than ever!!! We had to call Grandma & Grandpa to tell them, and to find out if Uncle Adam had had a tooth fairy pillow. I had one, but I don't know if they're appropriate for boys. And if they're not, what do boys do???? All I know is that my tooth fairy pillow was pink, so there's no handing it down. So, feel free to tell me what to do - I have no clue!

And on the tooth note, Caroline got the best Christmas present... a tooth. And a 2 day after Christmas present... another tooth. And the way she's been acting, she'll get a New Year's present, too.

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Unknown said...

Amy....I've missed your posting!! Wow on the whole tooth front!
We never had a tooth fairy pillow, but we did have them wrap the tooth in a tissue and put it under their pillow. The fairy then would sneak in and trade it out, the first tooth was bigger $$ and then after it was like 50 cents I think. Sadly last year all the fantasies of childhood came to a screeching halt when Nick asked all the big questions, and wanted the truth, because at 10, he just knew things were fishy.......ugh, the big 3, santa, EB, and tooth fairy............gone!
Can't wait to see a small toothed Caroline in your adorable.
Happy to see your return!